We hope you will have a great visit in our fair ground events and that it will be an enjoyable experience for you. We would ask that you pay attention to the following recent exhibitions

Exhibitions Schedule 2020 English

Exhibitions Schedule 2020 English

صالات 5 و6 و7 و8

بدأ المعرض في 2020/01/01
وينتهي في 2020/12/31

جدول معارض 2020

جدول معارض 2020

صالات 5 و6 و7

بدأ المعرض في 2020/01/01
وينتهي في 2020/12/31

معرض الذهب والمجوهرات العالمي الثامن عشر

معرض الذهب والمجوهرات العالمي الثامن عشر

صالات 5 و6

بدأ المعرض في 2020/04/13
وإنتهى في 2020/04/18


KIF places special importance on exhibitions organized at its premises on behalf of international countries. We have made tremendous strides in successfully offering the best services and facilities for these types of exhibitions, this, in return has encouraged a number of countries to arrange commercial and industrial exhibitions in Kuwait.


Rental of halls and facilities.
Advising clients through a specialized team.


Decor implementation and construction of display platforms.


Marketing for local, regional and international events.


Outdoor patios and green areas suitable for events | Play area for kids | Entry visas | Facilitating customs clearance services | Internal broadcasting system | Fax Services | Exhibitor Badges | Advertising & Media Services | Restaurants | Electrical work | WIFI | 24-Hour guard service | Entertaining and service train | Vast public parking & VIP private parking areas | Large mosque and multy prayers location | Banking services and ATM

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KIF is an internationally accredited official organizer of exhibitions. It has been able to occupy a prominent place among the regional exhibition centers in an effort to reach the world, where the company is a proud member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

The company supervises and organizes local and international events such as:

  • exhibitions, conferences, camps, concerts, plays, meetings and more.
  • In addition to providing consultations to its clients.



ADDRESS : 6th Ring Road Motor-highway, Mishref , Kuwait

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